The 7-day+

Potty Training Bootcamp

Date: 3-10 June 2022

You’re not alone! In this virtual boot camp, you will join other parents in their potty training journey. Each day, I will be there to guide you toward the next steps, answer all your questions, and we will all celebrate your successes together!

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN the 7-day bootcamp?

• The potty training prep steps, which are personalised depending on your little one’s temperament. This will take place two weeks before the boot camp starts to ensure your child is fully prepared for this journey. This will also include a potty shopping trip with me to help you choose the best potty for your child.

• Is your little one still feeding during the night? One week before the boot camp starts, I will guide you towards gently night weaning your child. 

• Clear potty training steps with daily videos and/or tips. Each day you will be able to ask me any questions in the boot camp community group. 

• A recorded Zoom session to get to know each other, celebrate victories and ask questions.


Before booking your spot, please ensure your little one is ready to be potty trained. This boot camp is available for children aged 18 months and onwards.

Are you ready?

The 7-Day+ Bootcamp



Hi there!

I'm Becki Galea

A certified paediatric sleep consultant, potty training consultant & mother of two. I have been in your shoes, and my mission is to help families like yours achieve the peaceful sleep they need to lead happier lives. I also aim to make your little one’s potty training journey a positive and successful one. 

Every family & child is different, which is why I aim to always create an individual plan, especially for you. You are guaranteed ongoing guidance & support throughout the whole process; I will be with you to cheer you on through this journey. Together we can reach your family’s goals. 


are you ready to confidently potty train your little one?