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Sleep is an important part of your child’s day (and, let’s be honest, to your day as well!) Lack of sleep can affect our mental health, and it can interfere with concentration and energy levels. Little ones’ brains also need that downtime to process the vast amount of information it takes in throughout the day.

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I know it might feel somewhat impossible right now...

You might not have gotten a full night’s sleep in what feels like ages. I’ve been there! With my daughter’s temperament, I thought sleep was a thing of the past. But, let me tell you, I firmly believe that if I managed to do it successfully, so can you! With the right amount of commitment and perseverance, you, too can reach your goals.

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"Amazing, is truly a word that describes Becki and her work. She goes above and beyond in trying to help you and your little one improve in their sleep. She has been there every step of the way, and has improved our now 5 month old baby's sleep significantly. She is always a friendly voice and guidance at the other end of the call to our very sensitive little boy! I can never find enough words to THANK YOU! Recommend her services +++"

-Anna Maria Risso

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for parents-to-be who are looking to gain
some knowledge about healthy sleep habits
so that they can prepare for their new
bundle of joy.


For parents of newborns (0-16 weeks),
these packages can help establish healthy
sleep habits from the very start, which
will be beneficial when little ones are
ready to start sleep training.


for parents of little ones aged 4-16 months
who want to get a jump start on teaching
their babies to self-soothe.


For parents of toddlers aged 17 months
and onwards who are still sleeping in
a crib. These packages are perfect for
teaching little ones the skill of
self-soothing before making the big
transition to a toddler bed.


for parents of little ones aged 3-5 years
who have transitioned to a bed.
These packages will guide you in helping
your child to fall asleep independently
and remain in their bed through the night.

the votes are in

“Becki is calm, knowledgeable and always there to help. Thank you for your service. It was much needed and appreciated 

-Marika Vella St John

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Unsure Which Route To Take?

Ready to work together?

If you’re unsure which package to choose, or you want to make sure we’re the right fit, book a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your little one’s sleep challenges and your family’s goals.

Frequently Asked Questions–


Yes, definitely. I have studied paediatric sleep science and a wide variety of sleep training methods. I was mentored by an experienced sleep consultant and graduated with top marks.

No! I respect each family’s preferences, and I will choose the best sleep training method for you. There are many different sleep training methods, and through my intake questionnaire, I will determine your parenting philosophy and style, your little one’s characteristics, temperament and much more, which will then help me choose the right sleep training method for your family.details

It’s never too early to start establishing healthy sleep habits. While your little one is still in the newborn stage, it is highly beneficial to start implementing these habits, which will in turn make sleep training easier in the future.

Traditional sleep training can start from the age of 4 months.

Not if you don’t want to!  This all depends on your readiness to do so, and more importantly your child’s doctor’s go-ahead. There are plenty of ways to improve your little one’s sleep without stopping all night-time feedings.

This is definitely true. There are plenty of good articles regarding sleep training, although, there are also some not so great ones. I’ve been there myself, and as I mentioned above, all children are different, so whatever works on one child might not work for another. 

All this information can be overwhelming for a sleep-deprived parent. By hiring a certified sleep consultant, you’ll be able to get a customised sleep plan depending on your philosophy, goals, values, and comfort level, and your child’s character and temperament, while also getting ongoing support and tips, something an article does not offer.

Fantastic! The first step is choosing the right sleep package for your family and your little one’s age. Next, you can book our consultation call. After booking, you will receive an email from me with your intake questionnaire, where we will start our journey together.

The Baby Sleep Manual

A monthly guide to peaceful slumber.

From birth to 12 months.

The Baby Sleep Manual