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I'm Becki Galea

I’m Becki Galea, a certified paediatric sleep consultant, and a mother of two. I’m a lover of chocolate, game nights, and sleep. 

The latter wasn’t always the case. I woke up every two hours until the age of two (sorry mum!). My firstborn was an incredibly good sleeper, he self-soothed like a pro, no sleep training required! Which is why I always said that my second will challenge me when it came to sleep (I had a feeling that karma wouldn’t let me off the hook so easily). And, my oh my, challenge me she did. The first four months were a blur of sleepless nights and me looking (and feeling) like a zombie 24/7. 

It all started with a hand-me-down camera and a dream.

I tried countless sleep programs, to later realise that each baby is different, and those “one size fits all” programs weren’t going to work for us. I got in touch with a sleep coach during Emma’s newborn days, where I learned healthy sleep habits. From there, I started doing research on paediatric sleep science and went on to study it further to get certified. I took all that information on board and sleep trained little Emma, and we are now both different people. She’s as happy as can be during her awake windows, and I finally got my energy back.

Paving the way to peaceful slumber

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same sleep-deprived shoes I was before. You have probably tried sleep programs that haven’t worked, or looked for answers online only to come to a dead end. I can understand your frustration, your desire to get a good night’s sleep and to have more energy throughout the day. All of this is possible without using harsh sleep training methods. I will help you and your little one get the sleep you need using gentle methods, and more importantly, help you discover the joys of parenthood.

Awards & Recognition

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How Can We Work Together?

Whether you opt for 1:1 packages, one of the Sweetpea Slumber programs, or The Baby Sleep Manual, my aim is always to help you reach your goals. If you’re unsure which approach to go for, please feel free to get in touch; I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

1:1 Sleep Packages

The perfect route for families who prefer a more personal experience, with support throughout their sleep training journey.

The program

An online program that will guide you from start to finish on paving the way to peaceful slumber.

1:1 Potty Training Packages

These packages will ensure you have a solid plan for potty training your little one, from ensuring they’re ready for this step to saying bye-bye to nappies.

The Baby Sleep Manual

A monthly guide to peaceful slumber.

From birth to 12 months.

The Baby Sleep Manual