Introducing: The Perfect Sleep Environment

Creating a safe and peaceful sleep haven for your little one is an essential piece of the restful sleep puzzle. The sleep environment is often overlooked, but optimising this space for sleep can be a game-changer.

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The Community

The Slumber Village is a place where you can find support from other parents (me included, of course), where I share tips and answer questions, and where parents can feel free to share struggles and wins. It’s the village we’ve all heard of but may have never found.

The Bestsellers

  • The Baby Sleep Manual

Meet Becki

A certified paediatric sleep consultant, potty training consultant & mother of two. I have been in your shoes, and my mission is to help families like yours achieve the peaceful sleep they need to lead happier lives. I also aim to make your little one’s potty training journey a positive and successful one. 

Every family & child is different, which is why I aim to always create an individual plan, especially for you. You are guaranteed ongoing guidance & support throughout the whole process; I will be with you to cheer you on through this journey. Together we can reach your family’s goals. 

The Baby Sleep Manual

A monthly guide to peaceful slumber.

From birth to 12 months.

The Baby Sleep Manual