Tips For Moving Your Baby To Their Own Bedroom



7 October 2022

Moving your little one from your bedroom to his own room is a significant milestone, but it can be nerve-racking for most parents. Most of us aim to make transitions for our children as smooth as possible, and this situation is no different.

It is crucial to remember that babies should stay in the same room as their parents until the age of six months, after which you can make the transition once you feel comfortable. I recommend moving your little one to his own bedroom before his first birthday, as, after this, it could become a little more challenging (although, of course, not impossible).

The first step to ensuring a smooth transition is by introducing your child’s bedroom as a place of sleep. This means creating a relaxing sleep environment and keeping any toys out of the bedroom. You can start by moving naps to your little one’s room while keeping nighttime sleep in your own bedroom. Another good idea is to move part of the bedtime routine to your child’s bedroom, like reading a bedtime story. This way, he can start associating his room with sleep.

Once you’ve done this for a week or so, you can confidently move your little one to his own bedroom. Now, some children have a perfect transition, while others will need a little more reassurance. This will highly depend on your child’s temperament. If you feel like your little one needs a bit of extra help, feel free to move to his bedroom temporarily. Put a mattress down next to his cot, then gradually move it away every few nights until you’re eventually out of the room.

Even though moving your little one to his own bedroom can feel stressful, with some planning, it can be a smooth transition for everyone.

Did you make the transition but need an extra hand with the other puzzle pieces to better sleep? Feel free to book a free consultation where we can discuss the best 1:1 package for your family.

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