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Hi there!

I'm Becki Galea

A certified paediatric sleep consultant, potty training consultant & mother of two. I have been in your shoes, and my mission is to help families like yours achieve the peaceful sleep they need to lead happier lives. I also aim to make your little one’s potty training journey a positive and successful one. 

Every family & child is different, which is why I aim to always create an individual plan, especially for you. You are guaranteed ongoing guidance & support throughout the whole process; I will be with you to cheer you on through this journey. Together we can reach your family’s goals. 


Sleep Packages


1:1 packages for parents-to-be who are looking to gain some knowledge about healthy sleep habits, so they can be prepared for their new bundle of joy.

Newborns (0-4m)

For parents of newborns (0-3 months), these 1:1 packages can help establish healthy sleep habits from the very start, which will be beneficial when little ones are ready to start sleep training.

Babies (4-16m)

1:1 packages for parents of little ones aged 4-16 months who want to teach the skill of self-soothing using gentle methods chosen specifically for their child’s character and temperament.

Toddlers (17-36m)

1:1 packages for parents of toddlers aged 17-36 months who are still sleeping in a crib. These packages are perfect for teaching little ones the skill of self-soothing using gentle methods before transitioning to a toddler bed.

For little ones who have already transitioned to a toddler bed, the preschooler packages would be more ideal.

Preschoolers (3-5y)

1:1 packages for parents of little ones aged 3-5 years who have transitioned to a bed. These packages will guide you in helping your child fall asleep independently and remain in their bed through the night.


1:1 packages for resolving minor sleep concerns, such as nap transitions, sleep regression (excluding the 4-month regression), short naps, or early rising. 

These packages are also ideal for clients who need additional support beyond their chosen package.

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The Sweetpea Slumber Program

For more of a DIY approach  that contains all the information you need to execute a plan for restful sleep, The Sweetpea Slumber Program is for you! Don’t worry; the program is personalised depending on your little one’s age and temperament, which means that with the right amount of commitment and perseverance, you will be getting a full night’s sleep in no time!

Potty Training Packages

The Basic Package

The Deluxe Package

The Premium Package

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The Baby Sleep Manual

A monthly guide to peaceful slumber.

From birth to 12 months.

The Baby Sleep Manual
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The Community

The Slumber Village is a place where you can find support from other parents (me included, of course), where I share tips and answer questions, and where parents can feel free to share struggles and wins. It’s the village we’ve all heard of but may have never found.